The Forest

I was amazed when I opened my eyes. She had led me to a place that looked like paradise. Tall and massive trees towered above me. The shining sun came through the leaves high above, revealing a complex shadow on the ground. I imagined sitting against the trees, feeling the soft moss against my back, and a beam of sun shining on my face. I slowly walked around, letting my mind take up the beautiful environment. All my senses were tickled by the great forest. I smelled fresh grass and clean air, and felt a light spring breeze softly touching my skin. I wanted to take off my shoes to walk bare footed through the welcoming grass and damp earth. I wanted to suck in as much air as possible so I never had to breath in something else again. I wanted to never leave this place. I turned around to see her laughing at me. Her cute laugh reminded me of the soft spring sun. The freckles around her sparkly blue eyes, her jumpy long hair, her lovely skin. I didn’t now who I loved more.

Thanks for reading! I wrote this to practice writing descriptions. When I started writing this I didn’t really now the background information, but while writing this a full story started to evolve around it, so I might be continuing this someday. Feedback is appreciated!