Short Story: The Spiral Staircase

When she opened the front door she suddenly started regretting visiting her uncle. People had been telling stories, but stories are just stories, right? There couldn’t be any sort of truth in those stories. Although it had been al over the news, she couldn’t really believe someone went missing around here. It was all just nonsense, she told herself. And her uncle definitely didn’t have anything to do with it. Yeah, he had been acting weird on their last family weekend. But this whole visit would turn out good, she comforted herself.

That thought gave her the sprank of courage she needed to enter the massive building. When she entered the hallway she noticed the dust and spiderwebs that had positioned in the corners of the high ceiling. The hallway showed signs of being very stately once, but further more the hallway was neglected and old looking. Cracks in the wall, broken light bulbs and some of the wooden panels on the floor were gone.
The front door closed behind her with a loud thud. The doorway was the only source of light in the long hallway so she tried to open it again, but it stayed shut. An alarming feeling creeped over her body. She ignored at first it but it kept coming back to her. After trying to calm herself -without succes- she started to walk through the hallway. It seemed endless to her. She tried to soften her steps but they kept sounding like loud ticking noises, which sounded even louder in the silent building. The thought of leaving the house and take the bus straight home struck through her mind, but it only reminded her that the front door was shut, creeping her out.
Her hands grasped the handles of the first door in the hallway and opened the door … but it stayed shut. Probably just a room with random stuff, she told herself. Onto the next one. Shut. The next one. Shut. This repeated it self until she tried out all the doors. Maybe he didn’t use this floor?
She only had one option left, to use the creaky and decayed stairs. Dust flew up when she grabbed the railing. She started walking upstairs. It seemed to go on endlessly. After a few more turns on the spiral staircase she realized that the stairs ended. In the ceiling.

She started walking down the stairs after a moment of full confusion. The wood shrieked even louder then her ticking shoes did. Again, the stairs seemed to go on endlessly, but now she did have a sense of how long it was back to the ground floor. She walked and walked down the stairs and the repeating pattern of her ticking shoes relaxed her.
All of the sudden she heard a muffled scream, as it seemed from a man. It seemed to come out of the wall right next to her.
The locked doors, the stairs leading to nowhere, the absence of her uncle, the screams -which definitely were the most creepy-  she couldn’t take it anymore. She started running down the stairs. Even more screams started filling the staircase. If screams could sound sane, these certainly didn’t. She started running faster than her body could take to stay in balance and she tripped. At first she was gliding down the stairs but it quickly altered to a rolling movement, causing her head to repetitively hit the stairs. She couldn’t control her body anymore. Black speckles started to appear in her view. They increased until her view was fully gone.
After what had seemed for days she woke up. Everything was completely black. She felt paralyzed. When her eyes adjusted to the darkness she realized that she was in a box that was placed vertical. She tried to move, but still couldn’t. She started screaming, but it was suppressed by screams that started next to her.
After a moment, the whole staircase was filled with screams.

Thanks for reading my first short story on this blog! I would really really like feedback, please don’t be shy and comment what you think about it or what I could improve. Thanks in advance!