My tips on writing essays for school – getting a topic and starting

English is one of my favorite subjects in school. Why? We get to write! Not very often, but still. Further on I like almost every subject that demands to hand in an essay instead of making a test. In my opinion essays are way more easier than tests, because you can think about it how long you want, have an enormous amount of information available (internet) and you can of course use your books. Some of my friends do not agree with my on this subject. They think writing essays is hard and either spend hours on writing it, or hand it in unfinished. For all these people here are my personal tips on writing essays for school.

Getting a topic for your essay

First of all, you need to get a topic. Most of the times, my teachers give us a general topic (example: Shakespeare) and you can think up what you want your essay to be about. (example: Shakespeare in todays literature, Did Shakespeare existed?, Metaphors in Shakespeares Hamlet) The fun of assignments like this is that you can choose to write from an interesting perspective on the topic. This will sign your teacher that you know about the topic. Inspiration for a topic can be found on the internet, in your schoolbooks, and in other books.

Once you have a topic check of this list:

  • Can I find enough information about this to make a good and informative essay?
  • Does the topic meet the expectations of the teacher?
  • Do I like to write about this topic.

If you answered yes on all these questions, great, you’ve found your topic!

Starting up your essay

To me something that is important before you start your essay is to collect enough information. My most used website when writing an essay is Wikipedia. Why? It has short and to-the-point introductions, this will help you w
ith deciding if the information is relevant for your topic. Also the rest of the information on Wikipedia isn’t lengthy. (Altough not everyone agrees with me). I also recommend using a couple of books. Nowadays in school we almost never use other books besides our lesson books. If you do use other books, your teacher will see that you did effort to find the right information. You should mention all the websites and books you used in your sources. I always place the sources somewhere in the end of my essay. It is helpful to keep track of your sources so that you do not have to go back in your browser history to get them back.

If you have any other tips, comment them! 

 This is part 1 of my tips on writing essays for school. Part 2, with tips about writing and layout will be coming soon!