And That’s Who I Am Tag

The ‘And That’s Who I Am’ tag is a tag that describes who you are. I liked this tag a lot and went looking on the tumblr that posted the ‘And That’s Who I Am’ images. I came across a lot of them and decided to make a post about it! All pictures are from this blog:

crowds soothe me

i fall in love with words

die with out music

 i hate cliffhangers

i have trubble putting a book down

i love foxes

i love snuggling with my cat

i love stationary

i love watching the sky

i tend to keep problems

im a crappy liar

lost in the stories


spending money on books

stop loving hp

the feeling of a plane window


Character: Arthur

I think something what is important in a story is character development. You can have the best plot ever but with characters with only names you won’t get far. I also think that it is important to know the character that you are going to write about from inside out. I have had a character in my head for a couple of days now and I would really like to get him on paper. I have also thought up some stories with him so I might write those down to. My idea is to make something like a profile for the characters that I have in my head, so here is the first one!

His name is Arthur and he is 15 years old. He has dullish black hair which he sometimes forgets to comb in the morning. His eyes are the opposite of his hair, they are shimmery green. Arthur has no brothers and sisters. His parents are happily married (or at least, it seems.) Arthur is the perfect example of a nerd. In his free time the things he likes to do the most are reading, (Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes) making extra homework, stargazing and watching documentaries. His favorite tv channel is Discovery channel. He also owns a game console (which he got for his birthday) but doesn’t play on it that much because he thinks games are no-brainers. Arthur is socially awkward, consequences of which are visible often. He sits alone during lunch while spending most time reading. Arthur’s favorite classes are Physics, Math and English. Arthur loves to spend time in forests together with his dog. Arthur has never felt true love before.

Thanks for reading! Feedback is appreciated! 

The Forest

I was amazed when I opened my eyes. She had led me to a place that looked like paradise. Tall and massive trees towered above me. The shining sun came through the leaves high above, revealing a complex shadow on the ground. I imagined sitting against the trees, feeling the soft moss against my back, and a beam of sun shining on my face. I slowly walked around, letting my mind take up the beautiful environment. All my senses were tickled by the great forest. I smelled fresh grass and clean air, and felt a light spring breeze softly touching my skin. I wanted to take off my shoes to walk bare footed through the welcoming grass and damp earth. I wanted to suck in as much air as possible so I never had to breath in something else again. I wanted to never leave this place. I turned around to see her laughing at me. Her cute laugh reminded me of the soft spring sun. The freckles around her sparkly blue eyes, her jumpy long hair, her lovely skin. I didn’t now who I loved more.

Thanks for reading! I wrote this to practice writing descriptions. When I started writing this I didn’t really now the background information, but while writing this a full story started to evolve around it, so I might be continuing this someday. Feedback is appreciated! 

Teaser Tuesday – 08/04/2014

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading. Anyone can play along! Just do the following:

  • Grab your current read
  •  Open to a random page
  • Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
  • BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (make sure that what you share doesn’t give to much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!)
  • Share the title & author, too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers!

My Teaser Tuesday is from the book The Boy in the Striped Pajama by John Boyne: 

‘Well, because Germany is the greatest of all countries,’ Bruno replied, (…) ‘We’re superior.’


Short Story: Death or a Blessing?

I had a car incident once. It happened on a wednesday evening, somewhere around 8 o’clock. The weather hadn’t been diverse that week, it was all just fog, snow and ice. This meant that the road was quite slippery. I had just had my weekly appointment with the psychologist and it had retrieved bitter memories from the past. Because of them I was crying while biking home. I felt dizzy and disorientated. The cars passing by where like bright ghosts and the only thoughts that sprung trough my minds were pessimistic and somber. All of the sudden my bike slipped away under me. My body was smacked to the left and I fell on the hard, cold road. For a moment I was totally confused, but it quickly changed to awful fear. Headlights were approaching me. I tried to scream, but all the air was sucked out of my lungs. I struggled to move my body, to warn the driver or crawl away, but I couldn’t. I felt like my whole body was filled with terror. It was worse than pain. The headlights became bigger and bigger until the light fully blocked my view. Than it felt like a million knives where stabbed in my chest. The car had driven over me. After a blink of full pain my view became black. I was dead. I knew it, I felt it. A strange feeling hit me. I felt relieved. Now I never had to live without my family ever again.

Thanks for reading! For school we needed to write a story about an incident which seems bad at first, but turns out perfectly fine/how the person wanted it. I thought, why not share my story here? It is quite short, because of the limited space we had. I realized that this short story contains elements from my other story on my blog. I guess I unconsciously added them. Feedback is highly appreciated! (And if anyone knows a better title 😀 I just couldn’t come up with a good one)

My tips on writing essays for school – getting a topic and starting

English is one of my favorite subjects in school. Why? We get to write! Not very often, but still. Further on I like almost every subject that demands to hand in an essay instead of making a test. In my opinion essays are way more easier than tests, because you can think about it how long you want, have an enormous amount of information available (internet) and you can of course use your books. Some of my friends do not agree with my on this subject. They think writing essays is hard and either spend hours on writing it, or hand it in unfinished. For all these people here are my personal tips on writing essays for school.

Getting a topic for your essay

First of all, you need to get a topic. Most of the times, my teachers give us a general topic (example: Shakespeare) and you can think up what you want your essay to be about. (example: Shakespeare in todays literature, Did Shakespeare existed?, Metaphors in Shakespeares Hamlet) The fun of assignments like this is that you can choose to write from an interesting perspective on the topic. This will sign your teacher that you know about the topic. Inspiration for a topic can be found on the internet, in your schoolbooks, and in other books.

Once you have a topic check of this list:

  • Can I find enough information about this to make a good and informative essay?
  • Does the topic meet the expectations of the teacher?
  • Do I like to write about this topic.

If you answered yes on all these questions, great, you’ve found your topic!

Starting up your essay

To me something that is important before you start your essay is to collect enough information. My most used website when writing an essay is Wikipedia. Why? It has short and to-the-point introductions, this will help you w
ith deciding if the information is relevant for your topic. Also the rest of the information on Wikipedia isn’t lengthy. (Altough not everyone agrees with me). I also recommend using a couple of books. Nowadays in school we almost never use other books besides our lesson books. If you do use other books, your teacher will see that you did effort to find the right information. You should mention all the websites and books you used in your sources. I always place the sources somewhere in the end of my essay. It is helpful to keep track of your sources so that you do not have to go back in your browser history to get them back.

If you have any other tips, comment them! 

 This is part 1 of my tips on writing essays for school. Part 2, with tips about writing and layout will be coming soon!  


Short Story: The Spiral Staircase

When she opened the front door she suddenly started regretting visiting her uncle. People had been telling stories, but stories are just stories, right? There couldn’t be any sort of truth in those stories. Although it had been al over the news, she couldn’t really believe someone went missing around here. It was all just nonsense, she told herself. And her uncle definitely didn’t have anything to do with it. Yeah, he had been acting weird on their last family weekend. But this whole visit would turn out good, she comforted herself.

That thought gave her the sprank of courage she needed to enter the massive building. When she entered the hallway she noticed the dust and spiderwebs that had positioned in the corners of the high ceiling. The hallway showed signs of being very stately once, but further more the hallway was neglected and old looking. Cracks in the wall, broken light bulbs and some of the wooden panels on the floor were gone.
The front door closed behind her with a loud thud. The doorway was the only source of light in the long hallway so she tried to open it again, but it stayed shut. An alarming feeling creeped over her body. She ignored at first it but it kept coming back to her. After trying to calm herself -without succes- she started to walk through the hallway. It seemed endless to her. She tried to soften her steps but they kept sounding like loud ticking noises, which sounded even louder in the silent building. The thought of leaving the house and take the bus straight home struck through her mind, but it only reminded her that the front door was shut, creeping her out.
Her hands grasped the handles of the first door in the hallway and opened the door … but it stayed shut. Probably just a room with random stuff, she told herself. Onto the next one. Shut. The next one. Shut. This repeated it self until she tried out all the doors. Maybe he didn’t use this floor?
She only had one option left, to use the creaky and decayed stairs. Dust flew up when she grabbed the railing. She started walking upstairs. It seemed to go on endlessly. After a few more turns on the spiral staircase she realized that the stairs ended. In the ceiling.

She started walking down the stairs after a moment of full confusion. The wood shrieked even louder then her ticking shoes did. Again, the stairs seemed to go on endlessly, but now she did have a sense of how long it was back to the ground floor. She walked and walked down the stairs and the repeating pattern of her ticking shoes relaxed her.
All of the sudden she heard a muffled scream, as it seemed from a man. It seemed to come out of the wall right next to her.
The locked doors, the stairs leading to nowhere, the absence of her uncle, the screams -which definitely were the most creepy-  she couldn’t take it anymore. She started running down the stairs. Even more screams started filling the staircase. If screams could sound sane, these certainly didn’t. She started running faster than her body could take to stay in balance and she tripped. At first she was gliding down the stairs but it quickly altered to a rolling movement, causing her head to repetitively hit the stairs. She couldn’t control her body anymore. Black speckles started to appear in her view. They increased until her view was fully gone.
After what had seemed for days she woke up. Everything was completely black. She felt paralyzed. When her eyes adjusted to the darkness she realized that she was in a box that was placed vertical. She tried to move, but still couldn’t. She started screaming, but it was suppressed by screams that started next to her.
After a moment, the whole staircase was filled with screams.

Thanks for reading my first short story on this blog! I would really really like feedback, please don’t be shy and comment what you think about it or what I could improve. Thanks in advance!