Character: Arthur

I think something what is important in a story is character development. You can have the best plot ever but with characters with only names you won’t get far. I also think that it is important to know the character that you are going to write about from inside out. I have had a character in my head for a couple of days now and I would really like to get him on paper. I have also thought up some stories with him so I might write those down to. My idea is to make something like a profile for the characters that I have in my head, so here is the first one!

His name is Arthur and he is 15 years old. He has dullish black hair which he sometimes forgets to comb in the morning. His eyes are the opposite of his hair, they are shimmery green. Arthur has no brothers and sisters. His parents are happily married (or at least, it seems.) Arthur is the perfect example of a nerd. In his free time the things he likes to do the most are reading, (Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes) making extra homework, stargazing and watching documentaries. His favorite tv channel is Discovery channel. He also owns a game console (which he got for his birthday) but doesn’t play on it that much because he thinks games are no-brainers. Arthur is socially awkward, consequences of which are visible often. He sits alone during lunch while spending most time reading. Arthur’s favorite classes are Physics, Math and English. Arthur loves to spend time in forests together with his dog. Arthur has never felt true love before.

Thanks for reading! Feedback is appreciated! 


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